WEDNESDAY, 14 September 2022

08:30 – 09:30

Conference Center of CIHEAM-MAICh

09:30 – 11:00


Introductory session: Konstadinos Mattas

Welcoming address: George Baourakis, Director CIHEAM-MAICh

Key-Note Speaker: Exploiting novel diversity to induce crop resilience to climate change,
International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA), Morocco

11:00 – 11:30

Coffee break

11:30 – 13:00


Title: Agri-food value chains and sustainability


Chair:  Mili Samir

A Review of Guiding Tools on Agri-Food Value Chain Modelling

Salali H.Ece - Akyuz Yarkın - Atakan Pelin - Gunden Cihat - Yercan Murat

Boosting short food supply chains as a tool to build more sustainable food systems: an stakeholder research with focus groups

Aguado Clementina - Mesias Francisco – Crespo Cebada Eva - Garcés Indhira C. – Diaz Caro Carlos

A Key Study Review on Agrifood Value Chain Analysis

Akyüz Yarkın - Salalı H. Ece - Atakan Pelin - Günden Cihat - Yercan Murat - Lamprinakis Lambros - Karstad Signe - Halland Hilde - Solovieva Irina - Kasperczyk Nadja - Lazaridou Dimitra - Yener Gizem - Alayidi Ahmed - Kunchulia Ilia - Basilidze Lado - Knez Maria

Using the Triple-Layered Business Model Canvas to strengthening sustainability transition in agri-food value chains

Mili Samir

The role of supply chains on biodiversity conservation


Chair: Giulio Malorgio

Climate crisis, biodiversity, and the value chain of carob flour in Rethymno, Crete

Vavvos Andreas - Kafkalas Sifis - Triliva Sofia - Piteris Babis - Skrapaliori Kondylia

Biodiversity in Agri-Food Value Chains: comparative studies in three countries

Lamprinakis Lampros - Malorgio Giulio - Mulazzani Luca - Schaer Burkhard - Tisseyre Cyril

Sustainable fresh vegetables supply chain: the case of Crete

Anastasiadis Foivos - Liontakis Angelos - Sintori Alexandra

Are differentiation strategies backed by certification schemes a lever of sustainability for actors in agri-food value chains? - A study of the organic farming market in France and Europe according to Lancaster's theory

Chaer Soraya

Modelling crop diversity in Italian lentils’ value chain: exploring the potential of the Agent-based model approach

Verza Marta - Camanzi Luca - Malorgio Giulio - Mulazzani Luca

The impact of agro-food biodiversity on consumers’ preferences


Chair: Donato Romano

Insights into preferences of organic consumers for pasta made with ancient wheat

Mandolesi Serena - Cubero Dudinskaya Emilia - Naspetti Simona – Solfanelli-Francesco- Ozturk Emel - Zanoli Raffaele

Storytelling for biodiversity: Examining the effects of different comic formats on consumers’ attitudes and sustainable food choices

Delvendahl Nora - Langen Nina

Spanish consumers’ commitment and behaviour towards sustainability in food consumption

Mesias Francisco -  Giray Handan - Lami Olda – Martinez Carrasco Federico

Innovation and segmentation of the EU cheese market: a discrete choice experiment

Cubero Dudinskaya Emilia - Napetti Simona - Zanoli Raffaele

Fostering biodiversity through innovative cattle farming: Consumers’ views on virtual fencing and insights regarding a multi-level biodiversity labelling scheme for pasture-raised beef

Stampa Ekaterina - Zander Katrin


13:00 – 14:30

Lunch (Restaurant Mediterranean)

14:30 – 16:00


Biodiversity and sustainable production


Chair: Wim Verbeke

Organic agricultural production and the promotion of social sustainability of farmers and agri-food workers: A systematic literature review on the European Union context

Magnano Giulia - Giordano Claudia

Is there room for agroecological transition? The case of Cretan vineyards

Sintori Alexandra - Konstantidelli Vasilia - Tzouramani Irene - Stamataki Eleni - Nikoli Thomai - Owen Carolyn - Fakotakis Eleftherios

How can cocoa production become more sustainable? The role of certification schemes and farmer cooperatives

Krumbiegel Katharina - Tillie Pascal

A cross-country comparison of pig production systems performance: Evidence from EU countries

Troncoso Ricardo - Cabas Juan - Guesmi Bouali - Gil José María

Food systems governance and agroecological transitions: a perspective study of Senegal

Ceddia Michele Graziano

Health, dietary choices and diverse food consumption


Chair: Maria Glibetic

Young Farmers Schemes: An exploratory study of farmers’ attitudes, beliefs and perceptions

Staboulis Christos - Tsakiridou Efthimia, Natos Dimitrios, Mattas Konstadinos

A cluster analysis study based on financial indicators, as a competitiveness strategy of the brewery industry in Greece

 Mamalis Spyridon - Tsiouni Maria - Konstantinidis Christos - Aggelopoulos Stamatis

Behavioural factors driving farmers’ intention toward intercropping adoption

Ha Thanh Mai - Jäck Ortrud - Manevska Tasevska Gordana - Weih Martin -Hansson Helena

Impact of plant-based diets on health care costs in developed countries: A Systematic Review

Morban Tobias

The impact of plant-based dairy alternatives on the German agricultural sector: a descriptive and modelling study

Geibel Inna - Freund Florian

Agricultural policy, incomes and sustainable practices


Chair: Filippo Arfini

Economic and environmental determinants of farm succession. Does sustainability matter?

Borychowski Michał - Grzelak Aleksander - Stępień Sebastian - Matuszczak Anna

CAP start-up aid for young farmers does reflect EU’s biodiversity policies?

Natos Dimitrios - Mattas Konstadinos - Tsakiridou Efthimia - Staboulis Christos - Sotireli Sofia Athina

Evaluation of the effects of climate on the parameters of quality control analyses in wines

Markopoulos Theodoros - Stougiannidou Dimitra-Kontakos Stavros

Green Deal and CAP reform: a sustainable approach for the future of European livestock systems

Masi Margherita - Vecchio Yari - Adinolfi Felice

16:00 – 16:30

Coffee break

16:30 – 18:00


Farmers' perceptions and attitudes regarding biodiverse production systems


Chair: Marta Vasconcelos

Factors influencing farmers’ decisions on crop diversity: literature review and implications for industrialized and high-income countries

Solovyeva Irina - Viira Ants Hannes - Kasperczyk Nadja - Xoplaki Elena

Farmers in German Nature Protected Areas: Hesitation and Aspiration for the Commitment to Halt the Loss of Biodiversity - an assessment within the project “Diversity of Insects in Nature protected Areas (DINA)”

Turck Angela - Terlau Wiltrud

Cooperative Member Preferences: A Best-Worst Scale Approach

Manousakis Tilemachos - Panagiota Sergaki - Kalogeras Nikolaos - Benos Theo - Van Dijk Gert

How important is land tenure security in state-facilitated reforms? Insights from a choice experiment with farmers in Uzbekistan

Niyazmetov Davron - Soliev Ilkhom - Theesfeld Insa

Modelling dealing with the agro-food biodiversity


Chair: Banterle Alessandro

Scale efficiency in EU milk production: what are the consequences of milk quota abolition?

Cechura Lukas - Zakova Kroupova Zdenka - Bajan Bartlomiej

Do we like the look of agriculture? A discrete choice experiment to evaluate preferences for aesthetic value of agricultural landscapes

Van Ruymbeke Kato

Globalization and Changing Food Consumption Patterns

Pucillo Flavia - Cavaliere Alessia - Curzi Daniele - De Marchi Elisa - Banterle Alessandro

A recursive dynamic linear programming farm-level model to simulate the structural change in the arable production system of a Greek region

Mantziaris Stamatis - Rozakis Stelios - Karanikolas Pavlos - Tsiboukas Konstantinos - Petsakos Athanasios

The theoretical framework of biodiversity


Chair: Viira Ants-Hannes

Exploring the behavioral intentions of food tourists who visit Crete

Angelakis Georgios - Lemonakis Christos - Zopounidis Constantin - Atsalakis Georgios - Drakos Periklis - Vecchio Yari - Baourakis Georgios

Sustainability adjusted analysis of agricultural performance – a systematic literature review

Staniszewski Jakub

Definition of an analytical framework for the analysis of Bio-districts social sustainability: A literature review

Packer Giacomo - Zanasi Cesare

Consumption patterns for healthy and environmentally friendly food choices: An overview of contemporary issues

Lazaridou Dimitra-Mattas Konstadinos-Tsakiridou Efthimia-Yercan Murat

Crop diversity and value chains: a systematic literature review

Viira Ants-Hannes - Aro Kersti - Ariva Jelena - Lillemets Jüri - Solovyeva Irina - Aleksandrova Olha


18:00 – 19:00


Be RADIANT: help ReAlising DynamIc vAlue NeTworks for underutilised crops

Iannetta Pietro Paolo Michele - Rubiales Diego - Ntatsi Georgia - Petrusan Janos Istvan - Smetana Sergiy - Styles David - De May Yann - Migliorini Paola - Balazs Balint - Debeljak Marko - Ivanovska Aneta - Mayes Sean - Vasconcelos Marta

Farm Planning in rural areas of the region of Central Macedonia using Linear Programming

Moulogianni Christina

Assessing the impact of food safety issues and COVID-19 pandemic on consumer purchase habits

Kleisiari Christina - Kleftodimos Georgios - Vlontzos George

Blockchain based traceability system in short food supply chains

Straus Sasa - Copot Daniel - Bokan Tomaz - Bunderla Miran

Creating novel food dishes and innovative food products using promising neglected and underutilized crops

Knez Marija - Ranic Marija - Zekovic Milica - Milesevic Jelena - Gurinovic Mirjana - Glibetic Maria

Why have certain crops become neglected and underutilized species?

Ranic Marija - Knez Marija - Yercan Murat - Zekovic Milica - Milešević Jelena - Gurinović Mirjana - Glibetic Maria

Heat waves are major limiting factors for legume production even in winter sowings: the need to select for tolerance to high temperatures at flowering and grain filling stage

Diego Rubiales - Angel M. Villegas - María J. Cobos - Eleonora Barilli - Fernando Flores

Sustainable water resources management in East and West African countries: the EWA -BELT project case studies

Georgiou Pantazis - Mattas Christos - Lazaridou Dimitra - Mattas Konstadinos - Nastis Stefanos

Delignitization era in Western Macedonia: citizens attitudes towards the effects on local agrofood sector and employment

Tsakiridou Helen-Tsakiridou Efthimia

Preliminary study for the identification of aphid resistance in grass pea

Barilli Eleonora-Lucato Ilaria-Rubiales Diego


Dinner – Cretan Night (Restaurant Mediterranean)



THURSDAY, 15 September 2022

9:30 – 11:00


The role of trade and supply chain structures in sustainability


Chair: Gorton Matthew

Role of blockchain in ensuring food security and food safety in the UAE

Sundarakani Balan - Manikas Ioannis

An end-to-end mapping of the Greek vegetables supply chain: in the quest for interventions towards sustainability

Anastasiadis Foivos - Liontakis Angelos - Tsoulfas Giannis

Agri-Food Trade Competitiveness in the Latin America and the Caribbean Region

Balogh Jeremiás Máté - Borges Aguiar Giovanna Maria

What future for plant-based food chains using agro-biodiversity? Results from a European citizen consultation

Chiffoleau Yuna - Akermann Grégori - Perenyi Zsofia - Gulyas Emese - Kuslits Bela - Dourian Tara - Desclaux Dominique - Loconto Allison - Colombo Luca - Lazzaro Mariateresa - Messmer Monika - Vaz Patto Carlota - Pinto Correia Teresa - Carlsson Georg - Ejlerskov Katrine - Wallman Dylan

Improving the operational efficiency and reducing transport related carbon emissions of food distribution hubs

De Arijit - Tocco Barbara - Gorton Matthew

Consumer preferences and sustainable food choices


Chair: Gil José Maria

Household livelihood strategies and forest dependence in Tunisia

Taghouti Ibtissem - Guesmi Bouali - Gil José María

Sustainability impact of rural SFSCs organized by consumers: evidence from a case study

Arfini Filippo - Baldi Lisa - De Franco Martina - Filippini Rosalia

Consumer preferences for quality labels of saffron in the Spanish region of Aragon

Sánchez Gómez Ana María - Mallor Cristina - Gracia Azucena

Consumers willingness to pay (WTP) more for more sustainable wines

Rahmani Djamel - Loureiro Maria - Gil José Maria

Trends and policies affecting the structure of the agro-food market


Chair: Kalaitzis Prodromos

Regulation of agricultural markets and prices

Loyat Jacques

Milk alternatives from an environmental and nutritional point of view

Silva Beatriz - Heinz Volker - Smetana Sergiy

Agricultural Holding Groups and Technical Efficiency: An Analysis Accounting for Unobserved Heterogeneity

Jelínek Ladislav - Ahado Samuel - Šimpachova-Pechrova Marie - Medonos Tomas

Demand for sustainable agrifood systems and the land ownership dilemma: bottom-up solutions from civil society in Germany

Jarmila Curtiss - Theesfeld Insa

Members’ Choice for Marketing Cooperatives' Financial Structure: Evidence from the Netherlands

Kalogeras Nikolaos - Pennings Joost M.E

11:00 – 11:30

Coffee break

11:30 – 13:00


The agro-food sector in an era of quick changes


Chair: Murat Yercan

Climate change and food security: does the EU need a new approach?

Canali Gabriele

How resilient are Czech farmers to climate change related risks?

Kislingerová Sofia - Špička Jindřich

Coping strategies of actors in emerging traditional agri-food chains during COVID-19: Evidence from Kenya and Malawi

Olumeh Dennis Etemesi - Donkor Emmanuel - Mithöfer Dagmar

Changes in Food Consumption and Food Security During the Covid-19: Turkey Case

Aslı Zuluğ

Sustainable policies and farming practices


Chair:  Schader Christian

Stakeholder views on policy priorities for healthy and sustainable beekeeping in the EU

Verbeke Wim - Freshley Dana - Martins Claudina - Williams James H. - Alves Fátima - de Graaf Dirk C.

From social capital to territorial resilience: a conceptual approach for managing ecosystem services in the dehesa

Reina-Usuga Liliana - Sánchez-Zamora Pedro - López-Domínguez Francisco – Gallardo Cobos Rosa

Public policies and their contribution to the provision of ecosystem services: The case of the dehesa in Andalusia

López Domínguez Francisco - Sánchez-Zamora Pedro – Reina Usuga Liliana – Gallardo Cobos Rosa

Towards a modular and coherent approach to sustainability assessment of food value chains

Schader Christian - Lazzarini Giann - Tennhardt Lina - Curran Michael - Egger Moritz - Weisshaidinger Rainer

Environmental efficiency and provision of ecosystem services


Chair: Diamantidis Dimitrios

Analysis of the economic and environmental efficiency of eco-schemes in olive-grove

Colombo Sergio - Castro Juan - Pérez-Pérez Daniel - Almagro Bonmatí Maria

Ecosystem services and dis-services related to endemic species cultivation in Crete

Platis Dimitrios - Bantis Filippos - Papoui Eleni - Koukounaras Athanasios - Mamolos Andreas

Agronomic performance of broomrape resistant and susceptible pea and faba bean breeding lines: the value of genetic resistance

Rubiales Diego - Angel M. Villegas - María J. Cobos - Eleonora Barilli - Fernando Flores

Hydroponic cultivation as a tool for the protection of biodiversity and sustainable development

Gkotzamani Anna - Bantis Filippos - Papoui Eleni - Platis Dimitrios - Mamolos Andreas - Koukounaras Athanasios

Environmental risk acceptance criteria and optimal correction measures

Diamantidis Dimitrios

13:00 – 14:30

Lunch (Restaurant Mediterranean)

14:30 – 15:00



Mattas Konstadinos - Closing Remarks





182nd EAAE Program

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Side Events

During the period between Monday 12th and Thursday 15th of September, a series of posters generated as result of the sister projects BIOVALUE, RADIANT, CROPDIVA & DIVINCROP will be exhibited in MAICH’s facilities.